Monday, October 5, 2009


As with everything else in my life, I have sought out the opposite of what has been going make more sense to everyone reading, when I create pretty things, I next feel the need to create rustic or rough, if I use metal a lot, I need to then start using crystal and bling, if I eat chips, I then need chocolate, and when my life is chaotic, like the past week,, I seek calmness and peace. So that was the long explanation of the inspiration for this eastern influenced necklace. The charm was given to me quite a while ago from a very dear friend, and I have finally used it in a way I am happy with. I like the symbolism of the bone pieces, although I do not know what they mean. I feel the many amber chips represent the path I chose, and sometimes it is a bumpy one. I adore the charm, but don't really know what it represents either, only that I have made it represent the prize at the end, whatever I want it to be.....the FINDING of sorts.


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