Monday, September 14, 2009




copyright sharon borsavage 9-14-2009

"Effusive" was created for Helga's weekly challenge at My ARTisitic was the checkerboard challenge. I tried some new things this week and was fairly happy with the results....I am still unsure about a lot of things though, and am still testing a lot of waters. I have found some nice surprises though!
"Play Now" was created for Nancy B.'s weekly Crowabout challenge. One thing I have found out for sure is that almost everything I do involves flowers, greens, trees, vines, or growth of some sort. I really do love flowers, and I guess I feel that when I am working on a woman or an element, The thought always comes to my mind as to how I can extend this image, or elaborate, and growing things always come to mind. They also are very symbolic to me as far as spirtuality, strength, and reaching upward. I do remember that way back in college my main painting themes were mostly women in landscapes, abstract as they were, they were very similar to me. Another little tidbit into this mind of mine!


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