Monday, July 27, 2009


Hey friends....Mabel is coming to life, or developing a life of her own! I just signed up for Jane DesRosier's online class "How I Paint A Woman's Face". I'm so excited, and she is such an amazing artist. I am really looking forward to developing some better skills in painting faces and hopefully be able to use that in my ongoing mixed media pieces, which I have plenty of ideas for!! The image above is a linocut that I learned from a free tutorial Jane offers on her website, which I think is very generous of her, so I just had to try it......and I absolutely loved doing it, and the way it turned out! Sure, there are things I might have done differently, but I still like it. I thought I would show you the rubber thing that you carve your image out of...You can buy it at Michaels or a craft store. So this is what's on my worktable, next to some more ATC's I started and a list a mile long of ideas, and oh, some possible new jewelry links in the prototype stage! I made sure I made myself a happy Monday!! Hope yours was too!


Megan, over at Studio M.M.E. Stutterings is having another giveaway, and it is this absolutely beautiful illustration of her's!! Isn't it fabulous?!! It looks so old world to me and speaks the language of romance...I must be getting soft in my old age, I just love it! I have so much respect for the artists who do this kind of work, I feel it is a dying art, and it is difficult and requires great skill. The black and white, and the texture she creates in the drawing sets the tone. SOOOOOOOO....if you want a chance to win this, there is not much time. Go over there and post a link that you blogged about it and it could be yours! Did I mention it will be a first edition!!! Hurry!!!


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