Monday, September 7, 2009


copyright sharon borsavage 9/7/2009

This is a new ATC created for Nancy B.' s week 51 Crowabout challenge. I really had fun with this one in my little twisted way again, but ohhh it felt good!!

Then, I felt I needed to balance my brain out with some new jewelry, and these fabulous little glass beads that Cindy Gimbrone made, where she made a groove around the edge of the glass so it made a channel to accept wire, and she sells these wire wrapped already! How talented is she?!! When I saw these beads it was like my mouth was watering looking at I had to do something pretty, but I kinda have something a little more rustic planned for the rest of them I have! I'm still debating about whether to oxidize them or not, probably will, so I didn't put them on etsy yet. Like I brain goes from creepy mode to pretty mode, like when I eat chips and then have to have a candy bar, right? How about you?


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