Wednesday, March 31, 2010


When I create jewelry, this is where it comes from......within. I believe everything that I do is relevant to what is within me. My faith , love, family, friends, art , creativity, communication, and everything I touch , feel.....within. Most times there aren't any words that I think capture how I feel, it is just within. You either get it or you don't. If you are here and reading this, you probably got it a long time ago...from within. You are all a part of me, you are all within me. I continually am thankful for your support and for taking the time to visit me.

special thanks to my special friend Esther, of Mes Illusions Baroques, and for her sharing the french coin, vintage medal, and black faceted glass bead! I consider Esther as always a part of me and my creativity!

necklace of torn and stamped muslin, hessonite, labrodorite, swarovski crytals,
bali beads, hand cut and stamped sterling and freeform wire, vintage religious medal, handmade twisted jump rings, french coin clasp.
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