Monday, August 10, 2009


There is a little story behind my moth....I'll call her my muse. The title, Becoming Light, is taken from a poem in my brother's poetry book...."The World In Place Of Itself", and the poem is called "On Becoming Light". I have been trying to think of a way that I could connect to his creativity with mine, since I adore his work, although dark at times....very real...and meaningful to me. So when Deryn posted Project 19 from Mary Hettmanssperger's book, everything clicked. Credit given to Deryn for another awesome idea of keeping the Stitched Segments pin free of the pin, so maybe later it could be used as an embellishment for a journal or mixed media of some sort.....SOOOOOOO.. ...I am taking that idea to start(in my spare time of course!) a journal , to track the travel of the moth through my world and his, to use it's representation as a guiding light, not really the way Bill interpreted it! I can wear the moth until my journal is complete, and then I can embellish the cover with it somhow by just undoing the ribbon.
Deryn's challenge is to work through Mary's book, and this is called the Stiched Segment's Pin. I made mine out of patterned sheet brass from Objects and Elements, and put in a touch of bling with a vintage garnet bead, crytal spacer, and a beautiful bali bead. Sewn together with sterling silver, annealed, hammered, and antiqued with liver of sulfer. Hangs from the beautifully spun string of the Objects and Elements Sari Silk.
Since beginning some mixed media projects, I am started to feel more of a connection between words, paper, and jewelry, and so begins the journey of the moth.......


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