Thursday, April 21, 2011


Recently, as in this past weekend, I went to the flea market to visit my favorite stand. She is really the only lady I visit, and I don't mind! I didn't get a lot of things , but what I got I am in love with. Briana and I fell in love with this vintage piece of material, and I am thinking I am going to make a kitchen valance with it. Lately I have this thing for in home decor, not really jewelry, my red in jewelry turns more to burgundy, but I have broken out a bit with my Happy bracelet a few posts ago! I fell in love with the old red tin still holding the talc inside, and yes, it still has fragrance, mellow, but nice. I have a few old french perfume containers like this that I love....just because. Same for the buttons, I have tons, but these are just so cute, and the patina can never be duplicated. Love that old pin too! I found a beautiful strand of tiny garnets, and a funky strand of amber that really need to lose the gold! I have loads of ideas brewing already! Hope you enjoyed my simple little tour!
Wishing you all a beautiful Eater , holiday, and weekend! Thank you so much for visiting!


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