Thursday, May 28, 2009


I recently did a charm exchange with the lovely Anne of Bulles Dorees blogspot from France! If you want a visually stimulating sight, visit her blog. This is what she sent me....just beautiful little charms in all different combinations, just lovely! She sent them in this little box done in mixed media which I just Looooove!! Anne also creates beautiful mixed digital collages, just incredible!! Thank you again Anne. I have a plan to make something outrageous incorporating all these charms!!
I also am participating in a "Create it Forward" exchange, and this gift of a mixed media painting was sent by the lovely talented Laura Pace!! It is so much fun, and unlike anything I have!! It also came with a delightful recipe, but I can't promise I'll be baking anytime soon Laura!! I like to take all these gifts and keep them around my work area so I am always reminded of all the kindness that surrounds my life. Thank you Laura and ladies!!


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