Wednesday, May 22, 2013



I thought today I would share some recent jewelry I have been working on. It seems my love of gemstones
will never change, I am always in awe of their natural , simple, and organic beauty. Their perfect imperfections always shine through, very similar to people I think, and that is the best part!
Lately I have really enjoyed trying to learn more about stones, their qualities and properties. In the necklace I made I fell in love with the stone that dangles at the bottom called selenite. It was named after Selene, Greek goddess of the moon, and is known to bring mental clarity.  It appears to have a moonlike glow. I have attached a small shard of kyanite on top of it, which promotes peaceful energy.
The earrings are made using some gorgeous labradorite briolettes.  Labradorite is a protection stone, giving you clarity of mind and protection from negative energy.

I hope you enjoyed the brief gemstone 101 lesson! There is so much to learn about stones, and it is fascinating!  
Thank you for visiting and always your thoughtful and kind words!


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