Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Design by Sharon Borsavage
featuring artisan made beads and pendant by LeAnn of Summers Studio

available on etsy

I am offering free shipping at my etsy store this month!


Anyone looking at this photo knows the distinct and beautiful style of Christine Damm's beads, of Stories They Tell blog. Christine has a special story, and I encourage you to go visit her blog, let yourself listen, and be moved. Over the years, my jewelry and art have evolved to the point that I really question myself a lot of why I keep making things, and what can I do with them. I don't want it to be just about me, and a collection of things, but I always feel like it is. I never dreamed it possible that something that I could make, no matter how small, big, or whatever, could impact someone else beyond being a tangible thing. I think what Christine is doing is just that, going beyond the thing to the feeling, the idea, and like I told her, if this is the only thing I do this year, or try to, it will be enough. Thanks Christine.



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