Sunday, January 8, 2012


As titled, I continue to work in my journal pretty consistently, without preconceived direction, and I am pretty happy with what is happening. I have more pages to show in future posts. When I need to relax at night, and watch some TV, I have been taking a smallish box of random pieces of text, images, or whatever I pull out of my ginormous collection of papers, scissors, glue, and sit down while watching TV and see what I can come up with. I may or may not add paint or whatever later. I am enjoying this process.

My favorite flea market vendor came through for me again with these gorgeous broken rosary pieces....she knows me well! I sooo love the crucifix with the thread wrapped around it....I am not sure of the significance. I thought it was loose and they wrapped the thread to secure it, but it really doesn't seem to be loose, but the character that thread has created for me far surpasses the reason, and I sit and think of the fingers that ran over that thread to make it so well worn, the abundant faith and power of the human soul. It will be hard to part with , if I do.

The hankies were a score that I wasn't planning on, but when she showed me the lot of them she got with pinned notes still on them, dates, and locations. They look like possibly they were from maybe a hankie club and exchange of sorts, an older version of our own art swaps now, and we see still that the desire of connection with people through exchanges is still so powerful. To want to exchange a personal part of yourself with others and connect is so basic through the generations.

Thanks for all your encouraging words and support. I am grateful for that and the connection you all give to me....a very beautiful one.


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