Friday, September 9, 2011


This is the Market Street Bridge, approx. 3 miles from my house, and a main artery into the city and huge populations of business, and homes.

This is a shot of the levee system approx. 5 miles away from me.

This is a shopping center 1 mile away from my house.

This is what we are living through now. It is the flood of 2011. The Susquehanna river was expected to crest at 2 am this morning at 40.8 feet. The new levee system was built to 41 feet after the Agnes flood of 72 destroyed the entire valley. The river crested at 38.8. There is devasting damage to all of the communities surrounding me. I live on a huge hill, so fortunate to never live through the actual floods, but everywhere I turn, it is in front of me. Many members of my family are displcaced at the moment, 65, ooo. people have been evacuated. It has been a hellish 2 days here, we all feel hopeless and sick to our stomachs. We have been blessed to be spared the worst, but so many people in low lying areas have already lost so much. We have not seen flooding like this in 40 years. If you are interested you can google the agnes flood of 1972, and see what the devastation was like.

Please keep our community in your prayers.


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