Thursday, January 29, 2015


The holidays have come and gone, hell, it's almost February, and my mind is still swirling with all the new things I want to do! I can't seem to get everything organized though, but I am trying! In the meantime, I am making jewelry on a fairly consistent basis, even though I am tired a lot, and have neuropathy that is killing me with this cold weather. Jewelry and art makes me happy! 
Please wish for the cold weather to go away!

Here is some recent new work.

With these earrings I used beautiful glass beads by Julie Wong Sontag and ceramic discs by Jana Bliznakova.
Here is the link to Julie's shop.....
Here is the link to Jana's shop....

These earrings were made with beautiful enameled paddles I purchased on etsy that I paired with stone and rustic glass and amazonite beads.

The gorgeous leaf pendant and round donut medallion in this necklace made by Jenny Gholson-Morris inspired this necklace. The earthiness and rustic quality made it easy to tell my story with this long mixed elements piece.
Here is the link to Jenny's shop.....

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to stop by and visit! I love to hear your comments also. I am hoping to get more motivated and start blogging again, and hoping to visit all of you too!


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