Monday, October 11, 2010


LOVE MY ART JEWELRY is a new website on the net, promoting handmade jewelry with handmade components. I myself have made a few components, etchings, and metal pendants, but these gals have got it going on. It's best to visit their site and read all about them and what they are!
Today is a special day in that it is one of the artists birthday ....Mary Jane! Happy birthday Maire! I feel that I don't know Maire as well as some others, but what I do know is that she is a dedicated artist that takes pride in her work and craftsmanship. She is inspired by life and knowledge itself...her work shows me it is powerful and meaningful. Love My Art Jewelry is having a giveaway here to win this gorgeous pair of earrings made by Maire.....go check it out!
You'll also see the other artists who make up that group, all exceptionally talented. I myself have to go back right now and look some more...there is so much to see and learn.


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