Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Balancing Act

It seems like I am having the same problem of trying to balance my jewelry/art/work time. If anyone else has this problem , and has any good solutions, that don't involve lack of sleep, I sure would be interested to know! I would love to hear how you handle it all anyway. My art time suffers the most, and I guess I just need to "DO IT". Question is why does it take me so long to start...why is starting the hardest part? 
Answers anyone???

So now that the mini rant is over, here is the latest jewelry I had fun making......hope you enjoy!

This stunning lampwork bead was made by artisan glass and bead artist Julie Wong Sontag

and here is more of Julie's beautiful beads in a recent pair of earrings

Wonderful lampwork beads by Julie, crusty beads by the fantastic Kimberly Rogers of Numinosity Beads and flame painted copper paddles by me!

I am craving art though, so I hope to show you some soon! Thanks for visiting and your kind comments as always!


Anonymous said...

Yum, yum new work. Love those crusty beads too. I have been doing a 1 hour at a time thing. An hour of reading, and hour of cook/clean, which has freed up time for art making. Are you still working full time. My work is more like 20+ and at home so that gives me more flexibility, but this hour thing is really working. Good luck finding the balance, it's a hard one. xox

Dorthe said...

Sharon, as I have my working life behind me, I do not have the same difficulty finding time,- but I ,too, sometimes have difficulty in starting !!I don`t understand it, as when started ,I so enjoy the process, just like I know you does !!
Thank you for showing some of your latest jeweleries , the necklace is gorgeous, I love the collection creating the wonderful tassel ,and all the fantastic beads .
The earrings glow and "burn" ,-they are
brilliant, too.
Hugs and love from Dorthe

Terri said...

Oh my! Your creations are inspired! They are so gorgeous with color and texture! I am amazed at all you do get done considering how full your life is. You are so packed with artistic magic that it seeps out of you even when you have no time for it : )

creativelenna said...

Sharon, dear sharon! I wish I had the solution to this. I suffer from the same thing sometimes ... not starting! I find it best when I make myself sit down (or stand) and dive in, GO forward, start, just try. I think the more I do this the more I see I almost have to trick myself to get started, saying, let's just try this . . . then the pressure is off and the wheels are turning. hmmm, I guess this is a solution in itself! Love you and Love this new jewelry. You have such a way of doing these pieces that is so appealing to me! xo

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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